Reduce · Reuse · Recycle

PCR is a family run business located in Auburn, Washington that buys empty laser toner, inkjet, fax cartridges, and used cell phones from individuals, groups, organizations, and companies and distributes them to remanufactures all over the world. We can customize a cartridge buyback program or recycling fundraiser to fit your needs, there is never any cost to you so register now! We provide all the materials necessary for collecting and sending us your empty printer cartridges and used cell phones from your home, office, or school. Please check our buyback lists to see which items we are currently accepting and how much we are paying for them. Since prices are constantly changing, please contact us for current buyback prices. All collection supplies are free and we ship them to you for free as well.

We can pay you directly or donate the money in your name to the charity of your choice. We can even send it to the PTA of your local school to help fund their programs. We can provide collection boxes for use in collecting at your location or anyone participating in your program. We provide free shipping labels for shipping back laser and fax cartridges and we also have postage paid inkjet boxes and postage paid envelopes for return of individual inkjet cartridges or cell phones. If you are in the Puget Sound area, our driver will pick up your empty cartridges and cell phones at no cost to you. We can even schedule automatic pick ups for your convenience.

A check is then sent to you along with a printout of the cartridges and phones we received and the amount that we paid for each. Call us any time regarding the status of your account. You may request payment at any time your account has $25 or more. Upon request we can even provide you with a "Weight Report", detailing the amount of waste, in pounds, that was diverted from the landfill. If you choose to donate the money for the recycled items, the money can be donated to any program you wish. Some familiar charities that we regularly deal with are Children's Miracle Network, Easter Seals and Red Cross. Once you have started with our buyback program, every time you send in a full box of empty cartridges, we will send out more collection boxes for you to use. This adds to the convenience of our programs as they are designed to take minimum effort on your part.